Student Opportunities

PhD Opportunity at the University of Newcastle: Molluscan Biomonitors of EDCs

An opportunity exists for a PhD scholarship to work on an Australian Research Council Linkage Project in association with the University of Newcastle, Griffith University, Hunter Water and NSW DPI (Fisheries) in Newcastle, NSW Australia, commencing in early 2021. Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) can produce alarming detrimental impacts on the reproduction and survival of aquatic species, though little is presently known in terms of their effect and impacts on sensitive marine invertebrate species. We propose the development and validation of a marine mollusc (oyster) as a biomonitor for the detection and impact assessment of estrogenic contaminants in Australian marine waterbodies. The project will involve a series of lab-based aquaria experiments exposing oysters to estrogens and assessing developmental and molecular responses for biomarker development. The project will also involve a field deployment of oysters at wastewater treatment plant ocean outfalls and assessing molecular and biochemical biomarkers in oysters along with analysis of estrogens in waste and receiving waters. For more details please visit:

or Contact Dr Geoff MacFarlane

Victorian EPA internship opportunity

The Victorian EPA is advertising an internship on a microplastics project for a PhD candidate looking for a 5 month project. This is part of the Australian Government’s APR Intern program, meaning the PhD candidate will receive a stipend of $3000 per month.

The project would suit candidates with chemistry, chemical engineering or materials science background. So please forward to anyone you think may be interested.

More details here:

Queensland Farmers’ Federation Extension Officer positions x8

Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF), has 8 positions for Graduate Students as Extension Officers; Details as below:

The Queensland Government has engaged with QFF to facilitate the Agricultural Extension Work Placement Program, an internship-style program for up to eight early career extension officers (graduates).

Graduates will be employed for 15 months to assist the delivery of extension services through their host organisations, supported by mentoring from experienced advisors and a tailored training program.

Graduates interested in participating, please register their interest by email to, including your name, email, postal address and phone number.

Find out about the Agricultural Extension Work Placement Program and other opportunities in agriculture by attending the zoom information session for university graduates and students taking place at 2pm on the 26 of October. Register here: