Drew Szabo

Drew is undertaking a PhD at the University of Melbourne investigating the environmental fate and ecological impacts of surface water derived emerging contaminants. He’s been involved with SETAC Australasia for two years and has already served on the national council as the Student Representative.

The chance to learn about how the government uses science to form policy motivated Drew to apply for Science Meets Parliament, saying “in my brief time as a student member and council representative of SETAC, I quickly learnt that the integration of academics, government and industry is extremely important to the impact of science in Australia and around the world”.

Drew sampling the water for plankton for PFAS analysis in Coles Bay, Tasmania

Drew has already had a taste of this, meeting STA president Professor Emma Johnston at the SETAC Australasia conference in Darwin earlier this year, who gave insights on some of the politics of scientific research. He’s also interested in meeting some of the chief scientists of research organisations like the NMI, AAD, and CSRIO, and his local member Adam Bandt MP. He hopes this is the right environment to learn skills “to not only contribute to my field, but one day lead my peers, as many of the attendees to Science meets Parliament currently do.”.

Drew wants to use this opportunity to develop the skills needed to communicate science to the public and public representatives – something critically important to our society as we manage new and emerging contaminants in our environment. 

Keep in touch with Drew vis his ORCiD and ResearchGate profiles.

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