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Some External Links of Interest

Websites that may be of interest to environmental toxicologists and chemists:



  • USEPA publications list, at
  • The US Geological Survey site has a lot of useful information and related links on ecotox related monitoring programs and investigations, emerging water pollution issues in the USA.
  • The USEPA aquatic tox database at
  • The USEPA National Centre for Environmental Assessment has lots of guidance documents on eco and health risk assessment as well as access to IRIS – health database
  • The USEPA issued a new policy on 15 May 1999 entitled ‘Policy for the use of probabilistic analysis in risk assessment’ and is available on
  • EXTOXNET is a cooperative effort of University of California-Davis, Oregon State University, Michigan State University, Cornell University, and the University of Idaho. Primary files are maintained and archived at Oregon State University. This is an excellent site for pesticide information profiles – some basic tox and ecotox data are also given, as well as physico-chem and fate properties
  • Pesticide Safety Information Series leaflets of the California EPA’s Dept of Pesticide Regulation can be found in the Current DPR Publications section of


  • The EU website used to be really difficult to find anything but now if you are patient and use the various search facilities you can dig up the most fascinating stuff
  • The UK Environment Agency


Other Societies of Interest to SETAC AU Members

Other societies that may be of interest to SETAC AU members:

  • SETAC – Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (
  • AFSS – Australian Freshwater Sciences Society (
  • AMSA – Australian Marine Sciences Association (
  • RACI – Royal Australian Chemical Institute (