How to Join

SETAC-AU is a regional chapter of SETAC Asia/Pacific, which is a geographic unit of SETAC. To join SETAC, please visit the membership information page on the main SETAC webpage, at You can also find a detailed guide on how to renew your membership, which was previously published in Endpoint, here.

Please remember to specify that you want to join the SETAC Australasia regional chapter. There is no additional cost, and you will be on our mailing list. An article on page 11 in volume 17 issue 2 of the newsletter explains how to do this (pdf 1.4Mb)

Members’ Home

As a SETAC member, you can access the membership database, view the SETAC Globe newsletter online, register for SETAC events, access the society’s journals (ET&C and IEAM) and buy books at a discount. Visit the main SETAC website to see all membership benefits, and log into to access all your membership benefits.