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Call for Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (HSNO) committee members in New Zealand

  • Board and advisory group experience.
  • Scientific expertise.
  • Multiple positions available.

The Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Committee (HSNO) considers applications for hazardous substances, and to introduce new organisms into New Zealand. Read more

The committee is composed of members who, between them, hold a broad range of in-depth experience in several scientific fields including, but not limited to:

  • Molecular biology
  • Genetics
  • Biomedical science
  • Population modelling
  • Ecosystem modelling
  • Biological pesticides
  • Te ao Māori / taiao
  • Applied entomology
  • Broad environmental science
  • Emerging contaminants
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Hazardous substances and chemistry
  • Public health
  • Veterinary science, from a disease, chemical or biological perspective
  • The Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act in the context of the environment, including ecosystem relatedness within the primary industry

As experts in their chosen fields, HSNO committee members are tasked with making decisions in full accordance with the purpose and provisions of Part 2 of the HSNO Act.

We are searching for candidates with experience on committees, boards and/or advisory groups; an ability to take a holistic view of applications presented; and be able to identify the chain of events the committee’s decisions could result in. Committee members use their subject matter expertise and knowledge of the responsibilities and obligations they share in order to take complex information into consideration when weighing up the benefits and risks of approving or declining hazardous substances or new organisms.

If a role as a committee member interests you but you are unsure if your background suits, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a confidential conversation.

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: The first round of applications close Wednesday, 18 December 2019. However, we will be still looking for people up until March 2020.
FURTHER ENQUIRIES: Russell Spratt on 04 550 8000

SETAC AU and Twitter

Twitter is an excellent tool for modern scientists. Its uses range from science communication and connecting with the public to making connections with fellow scientists within Australia and around the world. Many journals and organisations also have Twitter accounts, which allows for an at-a-glance feed of their recent activities. Still, starting out on Twitter can feel a lot like you’re shouting alone into the void. SETAC AU have adapted a quick start guide, originally developed by RACI, to help our members get involved in the online scientific community. In our guide, we aim to outline a few simple steps on how to join Twitter and make the most of your experience from the very beginning.

Click here to view/download our brief SETAC-AU Guide to Twitter.

Science and Technology Australia

Presidents, CEOs and other leaders of Australia’s most prominent science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) organisations, including SETAC AU, gathered in Canberra to highlight the important role that science and technology will play in Australia’s future. They released the following communique, which can be found by  clicking here

Collectively representing more than 70,000 Australian scientists and technologists through our membership and staff, we call for science to be a priority platform for the major parties’ campaigns in the next federal election.

Science and technology will shape our future, but without adequate support and high profile, Australian science, innovation and discovery will fall by the wayside.

There are four areas of focus we call on decision-makers and candidates to address when Australians are called to vote at the next election:

  • A whole-of-government plan for science and technology
  • A strategy to equip the future Australian workforce with STEM skills
  • Strong investment in both basic and applied research
  • Creating policy informed by the best available evidence

Specific issues to be addressed include:

  • A thorough and thoughtful response to the R&D Tax Incentive review, that achieves a system that boosts public-private collaboration and accentuates Australia’s scientific and technological strengths
  • A clear and long-term plan to support Australia’s research infrastructure, informed by the National Research Infrastructure Roadmap
  • A bold and ambitious national target for scientific and technological research investment, which puts Australia in a position to lead the world in STEM.
  • Action to remove barriers (such as caps and limits) that stand in the way of Australians participating and excelling in STEM education

A government that uses science to inform and underpin its decisions will lead Australia to a brighter future.

A government that directly invests in discovery-led, basic research will unlock the solutions of the future.

A government that fosters and rewards innovation and entrepreneurship will secure Australia’s economic success.

A government that leads from the front, inspiring the private sector to invest in science and technology, will help Australia achieve a stable and prosperous future.

We, the nation’s science and technology leaders, will work hard to ensure that the health, wealth and wellbeing of all Australians are secured for many generations to come.

Working in the solutions sector, the thousands of STEM professionals in Australia will work to tackle the great challenges facing the world, and solve them with science.

In striving towards this bold vision, we ask for the support of Australians, Australian governments and candidates in future federal elections.

Further information can be found at

Mentor Programme

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Student Awards and Prizes

SETAC AU offers a variety of awards and prizes to its student members, including:

  • Postgrad Research Publication Award
  • Thesis Prize
  • Student Travel Award

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Other Awards and Prizes

In addition, SETAC AU offers various awards to its full members, including:

  • Science Meets Parliament (SmP) Ambassador Award
  • Early-Career Medal
  • Mid-Career Medal
  • National Travel Fellowship
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